Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Last edited: 5 Oct 2012

I know I am truly rubbish at coming up with present ideas when needed, so I've compiled this to help a) me remember and b) you all not go nuts at birthdays and Christmas!


Lots of books and CDs and all sorts of things on my Amazon wishlist.

Search under wishlists for my name. There are currently wishlists for:
Baby,Creative, House Stuff, Knitting, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Music, DVDs to replace Videos and Electronics.

Papercuts from Scherenschnitte's etsy site – commission something! Something as lovely as this.

Noir body cream from The White Company

A little tin business card holder. There are nice ones in Paperchase.


I'm sure this is astrally and galactically wrong but I currently have no knitting requirements. THIS WILL CHANGE. Just give it about 30 seconds. :)


Spa massage

Indian / chinese cookery lessons

Class at Faircake

Hope that helps and thank you!